Writers will have the opportunity to write excerpts, chapters, or stories that will be read and reviewed by Whimsillusion Project members; if they fit current project parameters (which could include independently written works or pieces based on or incorporating aspects and characters from the work of author Bryan Caron), they will be considered for publication as part of the collection; if they do not fit the current project parameters, they may still be considered for future projects.

Author Responsibilities

  1. All members who wish to participate as a writer and contribute submissions toward one or more of the Whimsillusion projects must purchase Bryan Caron’s current novels. Purchase verification may include a copy of the purchase receipt or a picture of you with your printed novels.
  2. Writers are responsible for proper editing of all submitted work. Should a submission be chosen for inclusion in one or more of the Whimsillusion projects, additional editing will be provided by the publisher.
  3. All members wishing to contribute written material must sign a waiver, attend all meetings, and read and critique all other writer’s contributions in a respectful, constructive manner. If you wish to contribute written material and are unable to attend the meeting in person, there will be options available to send critiques and contribute via email.
  4. Any and all deadlines, if applicable, must be met.
  5. There are no minimum or maximum word counts for any contribution to the project.
  6. All work must be original to the author. Submissions may not include any references to real or actual products, businesses, people or copyrighted material without a written, signed media release from the person, product manufacturer, business or copyright owner. Any reference to songs, films or other media must be in title or general reference only; dialogue, lyrics and or specific scenes from any work of art, whether written, filmed or recorded, will not be accepted.
  7. References to, or the inclusion of, historical figures, events or places, as well as anything in the public domain are acceptable.


  1. Phoenix Moirai Design and Publishing will publish all work created through the Whimsillusion Project as a softcover trade paperback and Kindle book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. There are many platforms to independently publish a novel, but Amazon is one of the largest, most efficient way to publish a novel without having to deal with inventory and to be represented on the largest online sales platforms. (Projects may also be published on Smashwords for access to Nook and iBook readers as well.)
  2. The Whimsillusion Project is a platform to help writers engage, network and collaborate with not only other writers, but with potential readers who are hungry for new, fresh voices in the independent and science-fiction communities. We are giving authors the opportunity to discuss their work with like-minded auteurs and readers alike to help encourage one another as we build our skills, hone our craft and learn more about what our audience is looking for.
  3. Having your name on a collaborative work helps promote you and your work to potential readers who may not know your work. Writing for the Whimsillusion project will allow you to provide your talents to a collaborative project, earn royalties and promote your work without having to pay for cover art, layout design or other publication needs, such as the ISBN number and editing. Collaboration also helps mitigate the daunting task of writing a complete novel on your own, but still earns you credibility and promotional advantages.

Rights & Royalties

  1. Phoenix Moirai will have exclusive universal rights to publish all written material that is chosen to be part of a short story collection, collaborative novel or other work created under the Whimsillusion Project for a term of seven years. After seven years, Phoenix Moirai will retain universal non-exclusive rights to publish said works in any way they wish into perpetuity.
  2. Rights to any written material that is not chosen to be part of a short story collection, collaborative novel or other work created under the Whimsillusion Project will remain with the author of said written work.
  3. Any written works of fan fiction that are based on or include characters, scenes, and/or plots from the works of Bryan Caron, whether or not they are chosen to be a part of a short story collection, collaborative novel or other work created under the Whimsillusion Project must include the following statement whenever, or wherever published: “Based on characters and events from the novel <<Novel Title>> written by Bryan Caron.”
  4. 50% of all profits from the sale of any short story collection, collaborative novel or other work created under the Whimsillusion Project will be split evenly among the participants whose work is credited as part of said project(s), paid every month, so long as the royalties for that month add up to $10 or more per participant. If royalties for a given month do not add up to $10 per participant, royalties for that month will roll over into each consecutive month until the total royalties for a given month are $10 or more per participant.

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