Whimsillusion Inaugural Short Story Collection

The goal of the Whimsillusion Project is to publish a series of short-story collections and novels written in partnership and collaboration with Whimsillusion Project members. These may include fan fiction based on the works of Bryan Caron, independent compilations, or extended works/novels written in collaboration with various members, all based on specific themes and/or parameters set by the Whimsillusion Project organizer.

To kick-off the Whimsillusion Project, we are extending our submission qualifications to both members and non-members who would are eager to have their short stories published. This inaugural publication will be more an open category, so long as the story fits within the Whimsillusion genre, which is an amalgamation of various genres of science fiction, fantasy, and meta-fiction that makes a work of art (or combination of works) near impossible to categorize in a genre-conforming box.

Short Story Submission Guidelines


Deadline for Submissions: December 31, 2020

Submissions must include elements of science fiction, fantasy, metafiction or a combination of multiple categories that keep it from fitting into a nice, clean box.

Submissions may be anywhere between 2 and 10,000 words in length.

Strong characters, tight plots and a little touch of whimsy are all necessities.

Glorification of rape, excessive drug use and/or incest will not be accepted.

Submissions must be made through the form below.

Multiple entries from the same author will be accepted; each submission will require an additional fee.

Submission Fees

Members: Free; Purchase of Whimsillusion Project membership must be verified before submission.  Learn about becoming a Member.

Non-Members: $25; Submissions accepted through credit and PayPal.

Terms & Conditions

The Whimsillusion Project’s inaugural publication will be the only Whimsillusion Project publication in which non-Whimsillusion Project members may submit.

Not all works submitted will be included in publication.

If a submission is accepted for publication, the author of the accepted work must sign a publication contract, which includes terms for rights and royalties.

If a submission from a non-member is chosen for publication, the author will receive free membership into the Whimsillusion Project (which includes a free copy of each of Bryan Caron’s novels on Kindle).

If a submission from a member is chosen for publication, author will receive $50 cash.

All authors whose submissions are chosen for publication will receive royalty payments on all copies sold.

Submissions not accepted into the Whimsillusion Project’s inaugural publication may be considered for future publications only if the author becomes a member of the Whimsillusion Project.


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