Readers, or those members who do not wish to participate as a writer, will have the opportunity to read and critique the works provided by participating members, as well as help choose which works may be included in final publications, and participate in other collaborations.

Reader Responsibilities

  1. It is recommended that members who only wish to read and critique the work submitted by the members participating as writers purchase Bryan Caron’s novels for discussion purposes and to better critique possible submissions to the project(s).
  2. Readers are encouraged to attend all meetings and read and critique all work submitted by members participating as writers in a respectful, constructive manner. Those who may not be able to attend a meeting may still participate by offering critiques to the organizer or author when applicable.
  3. Any and all deadlines, if applicable, must be met.


  1. The Whimsillusion Project is a platform to help readers engage, network and collaborate with aspiring writers and fresh new voices in the independent and science-fiction communities. We are giving readers the opportunity to discuss work-in-progress (WIPs) manuscripts with the authors to help build their skills, hone their craft and learn more about what their audience is looking for.
  2. Readers who have a heavy impact on a writer’s work may receive a special acknowledgement in any published work(s) that your contribution is utilized.

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