What is the Whimsillsuion Project?

The Whimsillusion Project is a platform to help writers engage, network and collaborate with not only other writers, but with potential readers who are hungry for new, fresh voices in the independent and science-fiction communities. We are giving authors the opportunity to discuss their work with like-minded auteurs and readers alike to help encourage one another as we build our skills, hone our craft and learn more about what our audience is looking for.

Writers will have the opportunity to write excerpts, chapters, or stories that will be read and reviewed by the group; if they fit the current project parameters (which could include independently written works or pieces based on or incorporating aspects and characters from the work of author Bryan Caron), they will be considered for publication as part of the collection; if they do not fit the current project parameters, they may still be considered for future projects.

Readers, or those members who do not wish to participate as a writer, will have the opportunity to read and critique the works provided by participating members, as well as help choose which works may be included in final publications, and participate in other collaborations.

The goal of the Whimsillusion Project is to publish multiple short-story collections and/or novels written in partnership with our members. These projects may include fan fiction based on the works of Bryan Caron, independent compilations, or an extended work written in collaboration with various members.

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